Returning Rider: Christy Quirk

Name: Christy Quirk

12507270_1075376752512944_3866746502599995143_nAge: 34

Category: CX 3, Road 3

A few words from Christy:

I’ve ridden bikes all my life, mostly goofing around, then for transportation in college, and then for fitness when running everyday started to make everything achy. I’ve always been active and outdoors, but never really took up a sport till the end of college. Wanting to actually compete was a surprise to me, and for several years I’ve been following that passion in everything from road races to criteriums to cyclocross, and even on single tracks <gasp>. I’m still such a chicken out there.

I absolutely love cross though, despite my nasty spills, and have even come back around to enjoy running on occasion. Winters aren’t nearly so depressing as they used to be. When I’m not on the bike I’m usually chasing my little boy, working on a second degree in dietetics, or squeezing some time in with my husband and our furry boys. And cooking too-I’ve been a professional for ten years and still make a lot of our food at home.  


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