New Rider: Emily Graff

Name: Emily GraffEmilypic

Age: 36y

Category: Road 4, CX 4

We are excited to introduce our new rider, Emily. A current Major in the US Army, Emily made her debut with a bang last season racing for US Military Endurance Sports, humming to the tunes of Elvis as she put the hammer down on unsuspecting fields.

Prior to hopping on the bike (well attempting to do so- that flying mount needs work), Emily played rugby for Fort Bragg Women and the US Combined Services national team and dabbled in triathlons. After completing the Raleigh Half Ironman in 2015, Emily swore she would never fight her way into another wetsuit and committed to life on the bike.

Aside from cycling, Emily enjoys baking pies, cuddling with her cat-dog Sprite, and taking long walks on the beach.

Notable 2015 results:

  • 1st- Herbalife CCA Regional Championship Criterium Cat4
  • 2nd- New Albany Criterium Cat4
  • 2nd Carolina Cup Cat 4
  • 3rd CCA Regional Championship RR Cat 4

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