Sponsor Spotlight: CEP

CEPGoodiesSWS is excited to announce CEP (http://www.cepcompression.com/) as our newest team sponsor!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited to have CEP, the premier compression brand, to train, race, and recover in! Compression is proven to improve performance and recovery by aiding blood circulation and speed up “lactate metabolism.” SWS is honored to be able to say that Cannondale Pro Cycling and Meb Keflezighi are among the elite athletes also sponsored by CEP!!!!!!

Some of our favorite products are the Dynamic+ Ultralight Short Socks CEP1(http://www.cepcompression.com/women/womens-dynamic-run-ultralight-short-socks). After a 62mi long fast group ride Allie said, “This is the first time my foot hasn’t cramped!” They are also fabulous for moisture management! No sweaty feet and no “hot spots!”.

We are gaga over the Pro Recovery Compression Tights (http://www.cepcompression.com/women/apparel/womens-recovery-pro-tights)!!! There aren’t many sports in which you race a Road Race on Saturday and a Crit on Sunday, but cycling just loves to dish out the hard and gruelling fun!!! The Pro Recovery Tights are just what our legs need between 2 races or after a hard workout! Bethan noted that the “waistband is very forgiving” too! Danielle swears that the Pro Recovery Compression Tights “recovery magic” are what helped her stay in contact with the P/1/2/3 field at the Bull City Crit last month! Emily even wears them under her army uniform after morning rides on post!

This is not the last you will hear of CEP. We can’t wait to test these products throughout race season, and then see what our CX riders think later in the year! With some of our riders heading to multi-stage races this year we will truly put CEP to the test.


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