Raven Rock Ramble

A few words from Danielle Baker the Baker 🙂

The first Sunday in May is always the day the Raven Rock Ramble is held. Find out all about this amazingly well organized supported charity ride here: http://ravenrockramble.org/whyride.htm

This ride is a must do for anyone in the triangle! There are SIX routes ranging in distance from 10 miles to 100 miles (106-ish according to my computer the last time I did the century ride). Needless to say, I love this ride!!! Baker’s Cakes has been a sponsor for several years, I make a ton of mini cupcakes to share with the riders at the amazing food spread at the end of the ride! I could go on and on about how awesome everybody is at this race! Today as I walked into the shelter, the volunteers cheered, “The cupcakes are here!”

Among other accolades from riders, “I love the cupcakes!” ☺️ As I chatted with the IMG_0988volunteers, another volunteer got my packet and brought it over to me! Amazing!!! Everyone from volunteers to riders are so nice!!

My goal for today was to ride the metric century (actually 66.75 miles, but who’s counting) as a fast hard ride in preparation for Masters Nationals. (I bumped into former teammate Meredith Woods Blake on my way to the line up). I found my friend Chuck at the front of the riders queued up and he pointed out some guys to hang with (electric banana, cat up, etc). The group rolled out of Harris Lake County Park at a leisurely pace. I told Chuck I was going to stick to his wheel like glue. The man is a cycling machine, strong and steady and very very experienced! Slowly the pace picked up. Well, it picked up and then it slowed down, over and over again. At one point a small pace line started and I thought we had some good organization, but it fizzled as too many people hopped in on the right and didn’t pull over to the left and stay on the wheel in front of them. Chuck worked his way to the first 20 or so guys and I went with him. And then, and this is the sad part, we came to the first SAG station, the 100 mile route and 60 mile route split, I said goodbye to Chuck and made the turn on the 60 mile route… With only 2 other guys from the Tri Cyclists bike team. 53 miles to ride and I was in a group of THREE!!!!!

Ok, not everybody needs to ride 100 miles to prove they’re tough, right?!??? Adam and Mike from Tri Cyclists were really nice (the theme of the day). We worked together at a nice steady pace. It was readily evident it’s a lot harder to hide in a group of three than in a bigger group!!!! We stopped to refill bottles at the 30 mile SAG and it started to drizzle. We rode and rode and then it started to pour. We rode and rode and then there were a couple flashes of lightening and then the thunder. Sigh. It was a wet wet ride back to the finish. We finished the 66.75 miles in 3:11, just under 21mph. Thank goodness I had Sportique Century Femme Chamois Cream on today!!  I hustled to dry off, chow down on my burrito, and pull on my CEP Pro Recovery Tights!!!! All in all an amazing ride rain or shine made better by the amazing organizers, volunteers, and sponsors.



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