Race Report: CCA Road Championships

The date was June 11, 2016. Temperature was expected to reach close to 100 degrees. Most people would stay inside to keep cool, but it was the Carolina Cycling Associate Road Race Championships. Two SWS riders, Allie Wetzel and Jill Caputi, were among the insane testing their luck with the heat to claim the Women’s 19+ CCA Championship title. There was money, a medal, and beer on the line. This was no time to mess around.

The 54mile race started at 1:00pm. The course was 17mile of flat country roads with one hill up to an overpass. During lap 2 the cramps starting to happen. There was no escaping the heat. We are not really sure what happened between lap 2 and 3. Tunnel vision kicked in. The focus was all on finishing the race alive.

About two and a half hours after the start of the race Allie crossed the finish line claiming the Women’s 19+ CCA championship title. Jill somehow crossed the finish line alive to claim second place. Both women were exhausted after the race.

We are so thankful to C4 for hosting this amazing event. The course was well marked and the volunteers were amazing! We think Jill is still alive because of a kind volunteer that handed her a cold water around mile 46.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for supporting the SWS team which helps us to achieve these results. CEP Compression tights were a leg saver after the ride and their Women’s Dynamic+ Cycle Ultralight Short Socks kept the ladies’ feet comfortable during the race. We actually think their feed were the only part of the body that was not cramping by the end of the race. The Sportique chamois cream kept the ride smooth. The muscle gel was amazing at providing much needed relief from the muscle aches and joint tension after the race.


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