Race Report: BHB CX Series Part 1

Cross is here! Cross is here! Cross is here!

With that said, we’re two weekends into the pre-season now and eagerly anticipating a first muddy race at the Spring Hill Course this Saturday. The first weekend at Spring Hill was ridiculously hot by most standards, and especially so for cyclocross (note that two 14368733_868481666585162_6332631391922094610_nraces ago conditions were frozen!). It was two days of dry, dusty racing, with lots of off-camber turns. It was Danielle who put her road fitness to work and made the podium.

Weekend two was two glorious days of Goldsboro. Say what you will about the city, Stoney Creek Park is quite beautiful with everything from single track to deep volleyball sand to big grassy turns. Throw in a token vuvuzela and megaphone sound system, some animal cookie hand-ups and it was a party. There was some unfortunate early attrition in the muddy ditch, but no injuries and it was Christy who charged on to a second place finish.

As always, a huge shout out to Berger Hardware Bikes for their support and for presenting the CX Central series! To Crawford Service Course for replacing bottom brackets overnight, and to CEP compre

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