2016 Sponsor Wrap Up

As we ride in 2017, we would like to take a moment to thank our 2016 sponsors. Without their support the Spokeswomen Syndicate Team would not be able to promote women’s cycling. We had eight sponsors this year that helped to keep us on the road and trails.

Berger Hardware Bikes located in Raleigh is known for their criterium and cyclocoss series. They have been a huge supporter of women’s cycling and we are proud to have partnered BHBCrit2with them. This fall SWS traveled around central North Carolina to race in the BHB Cross Central NC races. Cross Central NC is a great pre-season race series to try out cyclocross if you are new to the sport or to get in race shape for NCCX. Be sure to check out the 2017 BHB Cross Central NC races! In addition to hosting two great cycling series, BHB offers custom bike sales, bike fitting, and coaching.

PARcycles has been a long time sponsor of SWS. PARcycles has supported team members 20c9e0_9a578679c90d41eea7f2440191ef3db5.gif_srz_584_212_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_gif_srzwith new bikes, clothing, and all the needed cycling accessories. In addition to cycling goods the shop has top notch bike mechanics to insure that our bikes are in the best riding condition. Located in Carrboro NC, PARcycles is close to Wilson Park so if you are ever on one of the Wilson Park rides be sure to stop by the shop and say hi!

12814726_1585802768408751_8471380591680478302_nCrawford Service Course is a new bike mechanics service started by Jonathan Crawford. Jonathan provides bike pick-up and delivery for his customers with his mobile mechanics van and has provided service at local races. A few of our team members have had to call Jonathan from the side of the road because of a mechanical problem. Jonathan has been more than happy to drive out to help us out! He also provides bike fits. If you see the Crawford Service Course van out on the road be sure to give a wave!

CEPGoodiesCEP Compression came on board and provided the SWS ladies with much needed recovery and performance wear. The CEP Compression pants were unanimously the number one race weekend essential, and the wool socks kept our crazy cyclocross feet warm and happy in the muddiest of conditions.

Sportique was a new sponsor for us and we were excited to finally have a chamois cream IMG_0991sponsor!! In addition to chamois cream Sportique make other skin care products to protect athlete’s skin and to help sooth road rash should we go down in a crash. They have everything from sport related skin care products to everyday wellness products. The best part about their products is that they are all natural so there are no irritating fragrances or synthetic oils.

535131_10154009605877806_5199807309896645098_nBaker’s Cakes was a tasty addition to our sponsors this year. Team member Danielle Baker is the master baker behind this local business. She make amazing edible works of arts and we are so happy to get a sweet treat every now and then after a ride. She makes everything from birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and graduation cakes. If you can think of an occasion that needs a cake or cupcakes Danielle and her creative mind will make magic happen! Be sure to follow her on facebook, Instagram, and twitter to see all her delicious works of arts!

Evie Edwards Photography has been a huge supporter of women’s cycling. Evie is the founder of Spokeswomen Syndicate and is located in Ashville NC. She offers a wide variety of photography skills from photographing cycling events, to parties and weddings, and individual shots. If you are in the Asheville area and need family pictures be sure to check out Evie Edwards Photography.

Psycletherapy is another great sponsor located in Atlanta, GA. This business combines exercise and psychotherapy to treat psychological conditions. Team member Nancy Garfield started this business. We are happy to see that cycling and other forms of exercise is good for both the mind and body!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors for the 2016 season! We are so grateful for their support!


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