Christy Quirk This tiny racer is a former chef, future RD and the longest-tenured active teammate.  She absolutely loves cyclocross and is currently the team mud specialist. When she’s not studying or chasing her mini-me, she’s probably tearing up the single tracks.
Category: Road, CX: 3
Coach: Todd Hunter
Hometown: Durham, NC
Occupation: Nutrition
Jill pic Jill Caputi Jill may be the most supportive team mate ever. Whether she’s a supporter or racer, you’d better bet she’ll be at the race. No one photographed your splat in the mud? She’s ready to sketch it out. Handle the admin stuff no one wants? She actually enjoys it. Really.
Category: Road, CX: 4
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Bethan Eynon You won’t find her in races at the moment, but she’s hard at work behind the scenes.
Category: Captain Emeritus
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Occupation: Attorney
Allie Wetzel This former triathlete quickly found her place in both crits and ‘cross and is a force to be reckoned with. In her free time she plays rugby, quidditch and wrangles little ones both four-legged and human.
Category: Road: 3, CX: 4
Coach: Tina Pic
Hometown: Lillington, NC
Occupation: Veterinary Medicine
Kristin Allyne Kristin brings over 15 years experience racing duathlons and holds both National and World titles. She’s our time trial specialist and is frequently known to put in some serious work for her teammates. She’s also one of the kindest people we know!
Category: Road: 3
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
 Andrea Bell
 Category: Road: 4

Hometown: Boston, MA

Emilypic Emily Graff Emily is one of the toughest gals we know. She has a background in rugby, but more recently races both crits and cross, so look out world! She’s also mom to three little ones, and we hear she has a thing for plaid.
Category: Road: 4
Hometown: Lillington, NC
Occupation: Army; Major
Danielle Danielle Baker Who rides an extra ten miles each way for the long Sunday ride? This gal. Races in a CX men’s masters field? This gal. She’s a beast and will tear through the nastiest, muddiest conditions with gleaming white glasses and a smile. Did we also mention she makes kick-ass cakes?
Category: Road: 4
Hometown: Durham, NC

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